MacGeology is the personal company of Dr. Duncan Macgregor, a well known regional geologist specialising in Africa. I provide short-term consultancy, training and briefings which deliver the 'regional picture' at minimal time and cost so your staff can concentrate on more detailed intra-basinal work. Most of this site is now devoted to maps I am working on covering the paleotectonic and paleogeographic history of Africa







Please contact me at for comments on these maps, consultancy services, quotes on inhouse training courses and briefings or invitations to non-profit making conferences.I do not attend commercial conferences.

I am an acknowledged expert with over 35 years of experience in the field of new venture and exploration geology with specific expertise in the African plate (including the Eastern Mediterranean). I first spent 20 years with BP, working largely in the Far East, particularly in Indonesia, then worked and consulted for a number of independent companies and consultancies, including Surestream, PGS, Mossgas, Sasol, Neftex, Noble, Richmond and BG, on new ventures and play fairway scale studies, mainly in Africa.  My publications to date comprise over 20 papers (see publications) and the editing of three publications on African petroleum geology.  I am a honorary member of the Petroleum Society of Great Britain.